Real Time Web Security Solution

Blocks security threats by detecting code that uploaded to web server and detecting applied modifications to web server

Our thousands of clients trust us to protect their web servers

Real Time Web Security Solution

Provide protection to your web server against web attacks with SSS On-Premise

Our thousands of clients trust us to protect their web servers

Real-Time Web Attack Defense with WSS On-Premise
Real-Time Web Attack Defense with WSS On-Premise
WSS protects effectively web servers against APT attacks and a wide variety of web-based attacks. While monitoring web services in real time, detects web shells and malicious URLs injected in the WEB/WAS, puts them in quarantine and allows you to examine the detection details
  • Web Shell Upload Attack Detection, Quarantine, Notify, Report and Treatment
  • Malicious URL Insertion Detection, Black/White/Gray List, URL Management
  • Personal Information Detection, File/Document Detection, Database Detection
  • Source File Change Detection and Protection
  • Web server configuration settings file change detection and recovery
Increase your security for uninterrupted web services while keeping your data safe before it gets damaged

WSS Management Functions


• Resource usage adjustment of the settings server (CPU, less than 1% use, memory)
• Redundancy support (Active/Active)
• Attacker’s IP identification

Auto Quarantine & Report

• One-Click auto quarantine and report
• Automatic detection of target directory
• Auto-detection of new target directories during operation


Java 1.5 or newer; compatible with all OS (Windows, Linux, Unix)

Detection & Update Convenience

• Automatic pattern detection agent update
• Automatic backup of latest detections to management server
• Unauthorized extension filter

Hierarchy Management

Detailed management of hierarchy and access rights (manager/control worker/operation worker)


Linkable to external systems
• ESM, SIEM, configuration management, SMS, EMAIL, etc.

Principle of WSS On-Premise Operation
WSS consists of management server, agent and administrator PC program
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