UMV was founded in 2008 to provide protection against even most complicated web shells used in the ever-increasing web attacks to leak web-based information and steal corporate assets. UMV, which has been continuously developing its solutions by adopting the experiences and needs of customers due to the variety of cyber threats by web shells for 15 years since its establishment, has turned its method of responding to web attacks into real-time detection and immediate intervention.

With the motto "The security chain is only as strong as its weakest link", we have embraced the importance of real-time protection and are confidently moving forward in this direction. Today, our main product WSS, which is a comprehensive security solution for the most recent advanced attacks, provides real-time security support to more than 30,000 web servers and cloud computing VMs for more than 300 customers, including domestic, foreign, and global companies such as Samsung, AWS, Microsoft.

UMV has developed not only WSS, but also WARSS, a real-time file recovery and restoration solution for file changes made in website forgery and defacement attacks, where web shells are also used, to protect important web files of targeted government institutions and companies.

Based on our customers who trust us and our technology experience, we will continue to move forward with the same consistency to improve product performance and product management functions in order to efficient work with minimum manpower.

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